Finn is a Carpathian lynx (Lynx lynx carpathicus), a subspecies of the European lynx coming from the Carpathian basin (Romania Slovakia and Hungry).

This lynx was once common throughout Europe, but is now extinct in some areas. There have been some attempts to reintroduce the species to some areas, which have proved successful.

The Carpathian mountain range is a popular eco-tourist destination that requires careful management to prevent over-development. Lack of financial resources to enforce existing legislation leads to illegal logging, something which must be monitored to maintain a secure future for the Carpathian lynx.

Their large paws are also furry and hit the ground with a spreading toe motion that makes them function as natural snowshoes.


They are carnivorous and prey on deer, wild goats, and sheep. They hunt at night, and are not often spotted by humans for this reason.


The lynx haunts include the remote northern forests of Europe and Asia where their thick fur keeps them warm during the freezing winters.

Fun Fact

All lynx are skilled hunters that make use of great hearing (the tufts on their ears are a hearing aid) and eyesight so strong that a lynx can spot a mouse 250 feet away.

Population & Lifespan

Male lynx are normally usually solitary animals, although a small family group of lynx may travel and hunt together. Estimates suggest there are 2,800 in the wild with a lifespan of 7 years.

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