Gardens, trees, and lakes

Set against a stunning backdrop of the River Thames in Berkshire, the gardens within Beale Wildlife Park offer visitors the chance to relax and enjoy nature at its best with a wide variety of planting styles.


The Water Gardens

The Water Gardens offer a peaceful walk with a hint of the Orient, with bridges to walk over and benches to sit and enjoy the views.

These gardens are brought to life with an interesting array of plants including trees, shrubs, and perennial planting, ranging from candelabra primulas to echinacea, and from tree ferns to acers.

Lakeside Border

The Lakeside Border, which runs alongside the park’s inner lake, features more than 80 varieties of plants including grasses and perennials and, during the summer and autumn months, impressive succulents. The garden was designed to enhance the lake landscape.

Tiered Border

Located at one end of the inner lake, the tiered border showcases a large variety of dahlias and tender exotics.

Station Bed

Located near our train station, the station tropical bed showcases a variety of tropical plants that can be grown outdoors from late spring to late autumn.

Tropical Border

Located near the Beale centre at the top of the inner lake, this corner border showcases a mix of tropical style planting and some hardy tropical planting.

Diamond Jubilee Garden

Our primary rose garden, a lovely area to sit and enjoy the delicate fragrance of roses.

Platinum Jubilee Garden

Our secondary rose garden is outside the ticket office exit and was created to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. This Rose Garden is full of roses named after the royal family and complimented with Geranium Rozanne.

Courtyard Garden

Tucked behind the elephant fountain is our peaceful courtyard, with Bay trees, Fatsias, Hosta, Agapanthus and beautiful box hedging.


Beale Wildlife Park is home to a fine collection of trees both native and ornamental, large and small, deciduous, and evergreen.

The collection has grown over the years and will continue to evolve into the future when new trees are planted. In this way we can keep the landscape alive and support the ecosystems within it.

Some specimen trees of interest to look out for in the park are:

  • Swamp Cyprus (Taxodium distichum)
  • River Birch (Betula nigra)
  • Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides)
  • Flowering Cherry (Prunus pink perfection)
  • Monkey Puzzle (Araucaria raucana)


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