Banded mongoose get their name from the highly visible dark stripes or bands that run down the entire length of their back.

Behaviour: They are social and live in packs that average around 10 to 20 individuals, but can have as many as 40 individuals. There is one dominant male in the pack.

A banded mongoose’s ideal home is an old, disused termite mound. They are nomadic, which means they like to move around from place to place. They never spend more than three or four days in any one place.


Varied diet including frogs, snakes, fruit, eggs and insects


Forests and open grasslands in central and eastern parts of Africa

Fun Fact

If they can’t find shelter, they form into a tight group with all their heads facing outwards


Enjoys a lifespan of around 10 years in the wild or 17 years in captivity


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