Complimentary Tickets

Beale Wildlife Park is a registered conservation and education charity. We have a duty to closely manage the number of complimentary entry tickets that are given to other organisations for fundraising events that do not directly benefit the park or our stated charitable objectives.

In order to manage the process of giving free tickets to other organisations, and to be fair to everyone, the following conditions have now been put in place:

  • We have allocated 10 family day tickets to be issued each month to organisations, registered charities, schools and community groups in our local area. These are issued on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Tickets will only be issued to organisations and individuals  within a 13 mile radius of the park
  • Applicants need to be a direct employee or nominated representative of the charity / organisation
  • Only one set of tickets will be allocated to successful organisations in any twelve month period.  Please be aware that we have a limited number of tickets available.

Please email or in writing, ideally on headed paper (if available) and with your full  postal address and email address:

Beale Wildlife Park
Lower Basildon