Welcome to the Wild Kitchen Cafe!

Hungry after all the exploring? Come on into the Wild Kitchen Cafe, the yummiest spot in Beale Wildlife Park!

Take a break from your wild park adventure and enjoy some good eats with us. The Wild Kitchen is your cosy spot to fill up, chill out, and share stories of the day’s adventures.

We can’t wait to see you and your family!

Our Menu

PIZZA 9′ & 12′

Margarita £10.50 / £12.50

Pepperoni £12.00 / £14.00

Ham & Pineapple £12.50 / £14.50


Cumberland Sausage Bap £6.25

Bacon Bap £6.00

Quorn Cumberland Sausage £1.50 extra


Cheese & Tomato £5.50
(vegan cheese available)

Tuna Melt £5.50


Chicken Goujons, Chips & Beans £7.00

Cumberland Sausages, Chips & Beans £7.50
(Quorn sausages available)

Lunch Box £6.50


Chips £4.00

Salad Bowl £3.00