IUCN Red List Status:

Near Threatened

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Primarily insects, but they will
occasionally eat fruits, flowers and
even mice and geckos!


Subtropical forests in India
and Sri Lanka


Grows to a length of up to 18-26 cm
and weighs up to 250g


Enjoys a lifespan of 15 – 20 years in

Slender loris usually spend the day in ‘sleeping balls’ of up to seven individuals with the female at the centre and all of their limbs tangled together. They wake at dusk to groom each other and head out to hunt on their own.

They have an unusually strong grip and
can hang for hours by their feet whilst
using their hands for feeding.


Main threat is due to the illegal pet
trade, being used as photo animals
for tourists and being used to make
bogus medicines for eye ailments and
love potions

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